Established in August 2010 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, We Care We Share Community Enrichment Programs was birthed into existence by Co-founders Betty Marrow-Taylor and Cloyce Hunter. Both shared the same vision and passion to impact families living in poverty in their community. The two were volunteering for several years together with another community outreach group providing meals and clothing to families in low-income housing communities in Durham NC.


It was there that they realized the need to do more, and that the funding to do that was hard to obtain, especially from businesses and other organizations because of not having that official status.  Therefore, they approached the non-profit leader about becoming a 501 (C) (3) and he indicated that he had established one before that did not go well and was not interested in pursuing another.  Cloyce suggested to Betty that they could do it themselves and establish their own and needed to explore how to acquire it.


Several months went by and they had not taken that first step yet.  They both had demanding full-time jobs and single parenting responsibilities. However, they continued volunteering with the other group which ultimately led to an opportunity they were not expecting and that would assist them in making it happen.

Cloyce had arrived first at the volunteer site and met a gentleman there who indicated he could help them start the process and provide technical support for a minimal fee. Excitedly, she immediately called Betty to ensure she would be arriving soon so that they both could talk with this person. From that encounter, they took the leap of faith and weeks later hosted the initial planning meeting in October 2009.  They committed to having everything ready to submit by January 15th, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a way of showing their honor and commitment to carry on his legacy, not only for civil rights, but for the poor, underrepresented and under-served people that he fought until his death for. They succeeded and met the deadline even a couple of days early.

The name, We Care We Share, was birthed from one of the other volunteer experiences they did together regularly with a group of friends at the Durham Urban Ministries Homeless Shelter.  They were serving the usual Chicken and Fish Dinners when one of the residents asked if they were a church group.  One of their friends, Lillie stated, “No we are just a group of friends, we care, so we share.”   They agreed then that someday that would become the name of the nonprofit.  And so, you have it!

Though it was a longer time coming than they anticipated, and a few hurdles to jump through to get the approval, they remained hopeful that the vision would become a reality. It did 8 months later when they received the notification letter. The journey continues to be incredible and so rewarding, touching, and positively impacting the quality of life for thousands of individuals and families through the many outreach programs and initiatives.  None of which would have been possible without the faithful support of the remarkable board members, volunteers, sponsors, and partners.