We Care We Share

Community Enrichment Programs Inc. (WCWS)

is a 501(C)3 local non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for families and their communities through outreach programs. Please consider sharing your resources to help support our various outreach activities and programs including our Backpack, Angel Tree, Nutrition (including feeding the Homeless and Seniors), Free Community Giveaways (clothing, household items, books, toys, toiletries, etc.) and other projects for families experiencing poverty particularly in our low-income communities.


We Care We Share COVID-19 Relief Program:
Help Us Fight Hunger!

COVID-19 Relief Program: Providing food, toiletries, and other household essentials to individuals and families in low-income communities (including Vance, Durham, and surrounding counties). Special emphasis on providing for senior citizens and disabled individuals and their families. First distribution April 17, 2020 provided for more than 35 seniors and their families. More distributions planned in coming weeks.


Supporting and Strengthening Families Program

• Canned food (Ravioli, spaghetti, green beans, corn, tuna, chicken, etc.)
• Fresh fruit / fresh vegetables
• Ramen noodles (chicken or beef flavored)
• Grits or oatmeal (single packets)
• Pasta and pasta sauce
• Dried beans / rice
• Cereal bars / Nutri-Grain and/or other fruit bars
• Apple sauce/ fruit cups / fruit snacks /raisins
• Assorted snacks individually wrapped (crackers (cheese or peanut butter), chips, cookies, pudding, etc.)
• Hand sanitizer
• Paper towels / toilet tissue
• Soap and deodorant

Senior Citizens Program

• Hand sanitizer / lotion
• Socks
• Soap and deodorant
• Tooth paste and toothbrushes
• Paper towels / toilet tissue / soap and deodorant
• Laundry detergent and bleach
• Canned food (Ravioli, spaghetti, green beans, corn, tuna, chicken, etc.)
• Fresh fruit / fresh vegetables
• Grits or oatmeal
• Pasta and pasta sauce
• Dried beans / rice

Community Outreach

Feeding the Homeless (Annually providing over 1,000 meals via Homeless Shelter Outreach Breakfast, and Seniors Thanksgiving Dinner meals.)

Free Community Giveaways (clothing, food, household items, books, toys, toiletries, etc.…) in low-income communities; reaching well over 1,500 children and their families.

Back to School Community Outreach Event

Annually providing over 500 hundred children with backpacks filled with school supplies, free books, and providing on average 30 teachers with supplies for their classroom, i.e. sanitary wipes, tissue, hand sanitizers, scissors, markers.

Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes

Primarily focusing on Senior citizens and families living in low income communities or senior living facilities. Annually providing 50 or more families with blessing boxes filled with food for a Thanksgiving meal and provide cooked meal for those unable to prepare their own meals.

Angel Tree

Annually providing on average 60 families in need (Approximately 300 individuals, including senior citizens) with new clothing, toys, books, food, household necessities (cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.…)

Backpack Food Nutrition Program

Weekly providing 25 children attending a local school (where 90-100% of students receive free or reduced lunch) with a backpack of nonperishable easy to fix food to ensure they have some food over the weekend.

Literacy Program

Providing educational books and materials to children in low income communities and schools, to promote children’s lifelong literacy and academic success. Books made possible through partnership with Harvest Books of Durham

Thank you in advance for your support!

Feel free to make donations to these programs or our general support fund for any amount via this donate page. All donations are tax deductible. If you need a receipt or have questions, please email us at wecareweshare26@yahoo.com.